Leslie Alexander received her MFA from Hunter College and her BFA from the University of the Arts, both in painting. After living in Brooklyn, New York for many years, she now lives in Old Lyme, Connecticut, on a ridge, overlooking a river, surrounded by the splendor of the natural world.

Alexander’s current paintings are part of Meteorological Variables, a long-term project about place, examinations of the landscape as we know it, and knew it. Not just geographical but emotional and personal, they reflect on the precariousness of both natural and constructed worlds, contemplating their futures in these days of climate upheaval.

Engaging with our media-oriented culture, Alexander uses technology to communicate ideas of nature both fact and fantasy. In lieu of traditional brush and paint, she employs a stylus and tablet to create her works; digitally collaged, layered, painted and finally realized on canvas. Her interest in using photographs to create paintings is a way of maintaining a record, ultimately an abstracted proof of witness, filtered through ruminations, visions and dreams of the possible landscapes of tomorrow.